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HTC Advies develops customer food service & hospitality concepts together. We do this with enthusiasm, willfulness and with a focus on results.

About us

Successful food service and hospitality concepts that exceed expectations. That is why HTC Advies works together with its clients to develop and optimise concepts that strenghten the company’s or organisation’s identity. We have a creative and active approach and have an eye for return on investment.

Since 1978

HTC Advies has been an important player in the market since 1978. From 2012 we have been based in ‘Het Atelier’ in Almere, (The Netherlands) and work from here. For clients this building represents an office from the future, as it provides a comfortable work space for the team and guests feel welcome.

Our people

Our consultants are ambitious experts with extensive experience and extraordinary curiosity about their job. Clients describe them as careful, authentic, positively critical and focussed. They might be direct, quick adn persistent, but always apply their knowledge to your advantage.


Our core values ​​are: be creative together, driven by passion and interested in the results. These values ​​determine our approach to any project:

– We think out of the box, dare to ask the question behind the question and do not accept the quick and dirty solution.

– We have passion for our work, enjoy it and like to involve others in a positively surprising way.

– We know the challenges that our clients face and their ambitions and are intrinsically motivated to give the best advice and celebrate the success together.


HTC Advies endorses the ‘Brede Code Verantwoordelijk Marktgedrag’ (extensive code for responsible market behaviour) and commits to providing clear contracts and healthy work conditions for members of staff. Social topics such as circular and inclusive economics are an important part of our advisory role.