Our Vision

Food service & hospitality are vital to setting up an attractive meeting place. If you present a concept that stands out, that is full of hospitality, retail and services, people are offered an entirely different experience. And that experience is important to recruiting customers and employees and get them to commit to your organisation. Our mission is not successful until we can offer a balanced concept. We passionately seek out the optimum balance between inspiring and lucrative concepts. Always with a clear identity that matches the customer’s DNA. To explain the difference, we use the ‘area, building, user’ model.

Area – The area in which our customer operates can be a bustling inner city, a high traffic location, a business district, a university campus, or a healthcare boulevard, but it can also be an area under development, such as a coastal strip or natural landscape. The area provides the context and in part determines how successful a concept will be.

Building – The building in which people spend time can be a hospitality site, a (shared) office building, a college or university, a hospital, a cultural temple, or even a ferry or leisure centre. The building and the way in which it is used have an impact on how successful a concept will be.

User – The end users in the space are guests, employees, students, businesspeople, tourists, patients or neighbours. Each of them experiences the hospitality and services that are offered in a different way that matches the characteristics of the target group. This way, the user is the one who decides how successful a concept will be in the end.

HTC Advies’s customers vary from entrepreneurs to government organisations.

The markets in which we operate:

  • Business community
  • Government
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure

Our Expertises

Vision & strategy

We are your strategical partner to develop the most appropriate concept starting from the corporate vision.

Research & consultancy

With the help of feasibility studies and market research your foodservice and hospitality concept is established.

Concept development & design

We create a functional concept and a design which fits with the ambiance and the identity of your company.

Tendering & operator recruitment

We will find the best fitting parties to achieve your foodservice & hospitality goals. From catering partner up till hospitality entrepreneur: we know how we can help you!

Auditing & contract management

In order to achieve the best, we will measure your qualitative and quantitative results. Based on this, you will be able to continuously improve the performance of your company.

Interim & training

We can support you with the temporary deployment of experienced interim or project managers. In addition, we give hospitality trainings on operational and management level.

How we work

Plan of approach

Our proposal contains a clear approach in stages, with the associated project team, schedule and estimate.

Project start-up

At the beginning of a project, we discuss the project plan and the associated responsibilities with all of the stakeholders.

Managing execution

The project is managed and communicated professionally on the basis of quality, time and cost.


The project is delivered (including milestones) in accordance with the agreed specifications.


In the course of executing the assignment, we review the effectiveness of our collaboration.

Customers about us

‘Hospitality means for us the ambition to ensure
that our customers are welcomed in an inventive way’

Petra Rozendaal, Unit manager special services KLM

HTC Advies speaks the language of hospitality, we find a partner in the consultants to make the difference with our Foodservice offer

Marc Hauptmeijer, senior manager Cushman & Wakefield